What now?

The clothing industry is one of the world´s biggest polluters. The industry is responsible for unfair working conditions that affect millions of people around the world, every day. We will not solve this alone but by shopping sustainable fashion and products You can also contribute to a better world.

What we can do

We are a very small clothing company and we work in the most sustainable and ecological certified way we can for our first collection. We believe in generic design, everyday wear that is made in high quality that will last long. We will offer boys and girls style but not in a very clear way, but think that gender is of less importance for children´s clothing. You will get long live clothes.


We collaborate together with the Swedish production company KLOT Design & Production AB. All our jersey products have been locally produced in Lithuania in GOTS certified organic cotton. The factory is SA8000 certified for CSR and working environment and solely makes ecological friendly production, both fabric and garments in-house.


Gots is a well known international ecological certification for organic textiles and garments. A product labelled GOTS means that the product is organic through out the entire production process from raw material to finished product. Read more about GOTS here.

What we will do

Next step is to research and increase the diversity of sustainable materials for our coming collections. We will also try out to offer sales of second hand children´s clothing.

What You can do

It is easy to find fast and cheap fashion. These garments usually come from large global companies with huge production quantities in poor developing countries. Usually the quality is bad and it shortens the life of the garment. When you buy good quality garments from sustainable companies, smaller or larger, you help to reduce the overconsumption we have exposed the planet to for far too long. We can use a garment in better quality longer and it is more likely that we can recycle the material.

Our goal

Our goal is simply to create modern, functional and cool, of course, clothes that benefit an environmentally friendly development for the future and our children. And we will be very happy if you want to participate and contribute with ideas and views during our development journey.

So do not forget that the most sustainable way to treat the environment is to use your clothes for a long time. Buy good quality, wash gently and let the clothes be inherited and give them away to someone when your children have grown out of theirs. And mix with secondhand clothes. It gives a unique look and is even more durable.


Welcome to join!