Be brave! Take a stand! Add fun!

At ikidandfriends we like and believe in everyday children´s clothing but with a more colourful, fun and bold communicative and edgy graphic style. We want to be braver. Take a stand in a clearer way. And add a lot more fun with this brand.

The core

We start with t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies - comfortable jersey clothes with sweet, cool and and bold graphics. Our vision with ikidandfriends is to create an innovative digital shopping and meeting place for media and technically savvy millennial parents who love cool children´s clothing. Or for anyone who love cool durable children's clothes. All welcome!

Not kidding - when it comes to clothes

Do we really need more fashion for our kids? Yes! We believe in children´s clothing in a new way. Our children are the future. And the future must be sustainable. This is a small brand where we design, produce, sell and make the entire value chain as sustainable as possible. We want to talk to you and ask for help along the way. We start low and hopefully grow together with you. See you!